A Message From The Ghetto (Gospel Truth GTS-2714) 1972







Here is something a little different from my usual post.

A Special thank you to Leif for this one.  diakoneo








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Son Of The Deacon5:26
1-2I Feel Good2:29
1-3Close To Him4:07
1-4The Ghetto4:13
1-5Give It Up4:21
1-6It's You (You're The One)3:35
2-1Call On Him4:12
2-2He's All We Need3:02
2-3God Help Us All4:00
2-4With Jesus You're Free3:36
2-5I Don't Know Where We're Headed3:06
2-6God Bless The Children5:51