Life Begins At Thirty (Duff 001) 1980 UK *






It’s that Ishmael guy again under yet another nom de plume, this time with another irresistible platter of UK goon wave, ska and retropunk – and so much bounce and energy you just might have to glue it to your turntable! This is my personal favorite of all his assorted projects with a sound similar to but slightly leaner than Ishmael United. Mystify your mind with titles like ‘Hell Ain’t For Heroes’, ‘Dr. Heckle And Mr. Snide’, ‘2 Years On A Camel’ and ‘Marmite Sandwiches’, all accompanied profusely with what has got to be the chintziest sounding organ ever – glorious! Eventually got released in the US on the then-visionary Star Song label. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).












Song #Song TitleTime
1-1All Mixed Up1:44
1-2Love So Great2:18
1-4Hell Ain't For Heroes3:11
1-5For What We're About To Receive3:16
1-6Dr Heckle & Mr Snide2:08
2-1No Coincidence2:43
2-22 Years On A Camel (Full Of Eastern Promise)3:36
2-3Every Circus Needs A Strongman3:17
2-4Marmite Sandwiches2:39
2-5Ferguson's Mule3:13
2-6Miss Us2:47
2-7Wot A Life2:24