Shinin’ In The Light (Destiny D-4404-S) 1971






One of the cherished Jesus music classics, enthusiastically delivered by the trio of Paul Amschler and Gary & Debbie Cowan. Some good hand-clappin’ jangly folk-rock tunes (‘That’s A Start’ and the title track), balanced with heartfelt ballads like ‘Sing A Song Of Jesus’, ‘Lazarus’ and the moody flute-accompanied ‘Faith’. ‘New Life’ is an excellent acoustic rock song with surging organ in the Harvest Flight vein, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since the producer here is Evan Williams. Nice percussion and resonant guitar work on ‘He Died’ and the six-minute ‘Broken Wing’, both of which push their sound into CSN/Buffalo Springfield FM folk-rock realms. Electric guitar and electric piano give ‘Love Of Jesus’ a nice spirited exuberant groove. Three different covers exist: 1) brown logo on red background with yellow and red sun rays, 2) brown logo and sun rays on yellow background, and 3) photo of the band in covered wagon (the latter shows Ron Scribner replacing Paul Amschler). Gary and Debbie were from Phoenix, hence the name of the band. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

















Song #Song TitleTime
1-1That's A Start2:15
1-2New Love2:58
1-4Shinin' In The Light1:42
1-5Sing A Song Of Jesus2:48
1-6He Died3:15
2-1Love Of Jesus3:33
2-3Broken Wing6:07



Members: Paul Amschler, Gary Cowan, Debbe Cowen