Yes, I Believe in God (EPD 0311) 1975  Brazil *






I’m not sure where I found this gem. It is not in Ken Scott’s archivist and the only album I’ve found so far from Brazil. No doubt there were others. This is in English.
Padre Zezinho, SCJ is still recording and has several more recent album on his web site.
I attempted to get his Email address from the site but was unsuccessful. If you like this album please purchase something more recent and support his ministry. You can find his more recent recordings here.   diakoneo








Song #Song TitleTime
1-2The Joy of Living1:59
1-3Yes, I Believe in God3:14
1-4Friends Again3:50
1-5A Song in Joy3:58
1-6Mary of My Younger Days5:01
2-1For A Little Girl4:49
2-3The Unbeliever3:23
2-4The Rainy Day2:36
2-5 I Believe in Singing2:20
2-6Night Prayer2:38