Tolvte Time (CBS 84680) 1980 Norway *




Inside Gatefold







The Band

This one is Progressive. Not as progressive maybe as Eden but Progressive none the less. There is good use of Syntheziser and a hard rock edge tinted with some mellow dreamy female vocals at times. Overall a very good listen. Even hints of jazz and a pleasant use of horns.    diakoneo





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Alpha 3:21
1-2Fundament 2:30
1-3Mannen I Gata 4:06
1-4Det Du Har Gjort 1:58
1-5Selvransakelse 4:26
1-6Tømmermann 3:55
2-1Reell Frelse 3:36
2-2Now That I've Found (Your Love) 3:31
2-3Du Er 3:19
2-4Veibok 3:22
2-5Gråt Maria 4:45
2-6Omega 2:40