You-N-You (LPS-812) 1971



Brilliant custom teen folk project from Las Vegas, New Mexico scores high in the “charm” department. Superb acoustic guitar work, sometimes with a light south-of-the-border feel, electric bass, percussion and primitive organ buried in the mix. The album’s primary highlight would have to be the ethereal ballad ‘The Answer’ where spooky background organ creates an eerie psych aura. ‘This Is A Man’ and ‘The Call’ are equally compelling cutting-edge songs that strum along to minor-key Latin moods. They can also be up-tempo and joyous, as on the title track and ‘Let’s Sing To The Lord’. Even mellow-to-the-core slow cuts like ‘Close To Me’, ‘Don’t Say Love’ and a cover of The Damean’s ‘Man Of Mind, Man Of Soul’ provide some of the group’s best moments, recalling fragile late-‘60s AM ballads. Also four short liturgical refrains on side two. Some fine guitar leads, sometimes with a hint of ‘Malaguena’. The whole project brims with sincerity, the group drawing you in with their enchanting guy/gal harmonies and vibrant amateur musicianship. Nice cover of odd blackboard chalk drawing with yearbook-style photos of band members on back (ten guys, one girl). A pinnacle for US folk.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The You In You2:55
1-2Close To Me3:40
1-3Have Faith3:00
1-4The Answer3:40
1-5Man Of Mind, Man Of Soul4:30
2-1Let's Sing To The Lord2:30
2-2Lord Have Mercy1:05
2-3To Our Father2:00
2-4Holy, Holy, Holy1:05
2-5This Is A Man3:25
2-6Lamb Of God1:05
2-7The Call2:20
2-8Don't Say Love3:03