Growing Together (Light LS-5646-LP) 1974


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This band actually put out quite a few records in the ‘70s, though most are too mellow, polished or just plain bland for my tastes. Surprisingly, Growing Together has more of a “Jesus music” light rock and pop feel rather than the expected Christian radio sound. Production is squeaky clean, making the acoustic guitars, drums and keyboards stand out distinctly. Vocals pretty clean, too. In the couple ballads where string arrangements were added there’s a pleasant nostalgic ‘70s ‘Precious And Few’ kind of pop sentiment. Self-written songs, the best being ‘Retrospect’ which slinks along with some nice electric leads over funky wah-wah rhythm guitar. Not really edge music, but much better than I expected. In fact I even like it! (Ken Scott – The Archivist).


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1What A Way To Go3:10
1-2Innocent Man3:57
1-3The Potter's Clay (Thank You, Lord)3:12
1-4Jesus Is Alive And Well2:21
2-1Here And Back Again3:56
2-2Country Faith2:42
2-5Growing Together / Memories And Miracles6:43



Members: Bob Laurent, Ralph Hunt, Kathy Brawley, Pam Murphy, Mark Johnson

Group was from Elgin, IL.

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