Meet The Prophets (Argus 833A-3418) 1968







On Meet The Prophets, author, composer and guitarist Father George Montague brings to life several of the Old Testament prophets through the medium of song. Assisting Montague is a folk group called The New Prophets who had an earlier obscure album called Come Follow that is quite nice. The prophets Amos, Hosea, Micah, Isaiah, Nahum and Jeremiah all get their turn, each song introduced with a brief (and sometimes not so brief) narration by Montague. Musically this is the early stark primitive Catholic folk style you expect when four or five priests gather around a couple guitars and upright bass. Comes in a large open-out psychedelic cover with a colorful lyric booklet built into the spine. (Ken SCOTT).






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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Meet the Prophets and Amos 3:44
1-3Meet Hosea1:19
1-4Hosea 5:58
1-5Meet Micah2:19
1-6Micah 3:47
2-1Meet Isaiah 1:03
2-2 Isaiah 3:50
2-3Meet Nahum 0:53
2-4 Nahum 1:36
2-5 Meet Jeremiah 0:57
2-6Jeremiah 4:13
2-7Meet Second Isaiah 0:59
2-8Second Isaiah2:41