Missa Universalis (Philips/Donauland 34 599) 1978 Austria *







Some more Progressive Rock in the Christian areana. A Mass done buy the Austrian group Eela Craig in 1978. If you enjoyed Eden’s works you will enjoy this one too.
A review can be found at Casa do Progressivo. You can download there. You may notice Casa do Progressivo’s copy has 7 tracks and mine only 6. Mine is all there only the two Credo tracks on his is a single track on mine.   diakoneo






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Kyrie 11:50
1-2Gloria 5:57
1-3Credo Part I 4:14
2-1Credo Part II 3:30
2-2Sanctus 8:27
2-3Agnus Dei 5:20
2-4Amen 2:00




– Hubert Bognermayr / keyboards, electronics, vocals (1-5)
– Gerhard Englisch / bass, keyboards
– Frank Hueber / drums
– Alois Janetschko / live mixing
– Wil Orthofer / lead & back vocals
– Fritz Riedelberger / lead guitar, lead vocals (5), backnig vocals
– Hubert Schnauer / keyboards, flute.
– Harald Zuschrader / keyboards, electronics, guitar



Available on CD.