Benny… (VMI 72001) 1971




I know just what you’re thinking – Benny Hester, that’s that high-voiced adult contemporary guy on Christian radio, right? Not being an AC fan I’d passed on this album numerous times til I saw it described in an ad as “folk/psych”. C’mon now – Benny Hester? Well, I’m not sure I’d go so far as to utter “folk/psych”, but Benny’s debut release does succeed in capturing a dreamy mood with his melodic brand of orchestrated acoustic rock enhanced by flutes and assorted reed instruments. Not fluff by any means. Does have electric moments and an almost mystical feel perfectly suited to Benny’s Supertrampish vocals. On mainstream label in attractive gate-fold cover. His hair’s real long, too. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

This album was released on CD in 2016.    diakoneo


Inside Front

 Inside Back




Sorry about the edges these were among the first covers I tried to copy have learned from these mistakes.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Give Your Love Forever2:28
1-2No The End Is Not Near3:12
1-3Love Never Dies2:34
1-4The Bridge2:25
1-5We All Know He's Comin'4:46
2-1The Painter3:42
2-3What Happened To My Friends2:13
2-4Please Let This Be So3:07



To be re-released. Check with Benny Hester.