The Angels Come (Spirit NDR-3002) 1979









Flash-backs to 1965 Beatles plus a touch of the spirit of ‘70s punky pop led at least one magazine to declare this the first Christian new wave lp. Yeah I can buy that sort of. ‘Birthsong’ for example has a smackerel of a homogenized Knack and ‘Don’t Look Now’ has that spunky ska organ routine that typified the genre. Perhaps more aptly called a retrospective pop lp – and a fun one at that, kind of like Phil Keaggy and Sunday’s Child. Several ballads, sometimes with a flash of Everly Brothers. And of course the obligatory ccm picks. Al Perkins produced. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Hold Me Tonight2:25
1-3For All You Know3:25
1-4A Place For Love2:56
1-5Hungry World3:03
2-1Don't Look Now4:02
2-2All To Pieces2:28
2-3Standing At The Door2:23
2-4Arms Of The Lord3:25


Members: Dave Kelly, Derek Jeffery, James Kehn, David MacKay, Al Perkins


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