Ride! Ride! (Grapevine 101) 1976 UK *






The debut release for the Grapevine label is neither rock nor folk but a Broadway-style contemporary musical based on a story about Methodist founder John Wesley. The lyrics revolve around a young girl converted through Wesley’s ministry who is put into an insane asylum and later rescued by Wesley. Does manage a few moments of levity in spite of the seemingly serious theme. Very British sounding, like a low-rent Oliver! or something. Woodwinds like flute, clarinet, oboe and piccolo add some classical flourishes. Overall of minor interest, though my attention occasionally perked up for oddities like the noisy a cappella chant ‘London Street Cries’, the scruffy little romp ‘You Can’t Make A Living’, and the gay waltz ‘A Nice Little Change Of Air’, the latter suitable for living room pirouettes. The background singer on ‘Everyone Is Needed’ sounds like he’s moaning on his deathbed. Book and lyrics by Alan Thornhill, music by Penelope Thwaites, directed by Peter Coe, produced by John Pac. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).







Song #Song TitleTime
01Riding Song1:32
02The Whole Wide World1:45
03It's Exciting to Be Alive2:09
04Fiercer Than Coal 2:35
05Which Is Which?2:09
06London Street Cries3:07
07You Can't Make a Living5:14
08Strange City4:10
09The Lord Jehovah Reigns0:58
10The Garden of England1:44
11Why Me3:24
12The Pillars of Society1:56
13He Knows My Name2:48
14A Nice Little Change of Air2:02
15One by One2:09
16Everyone Is Needed3:15
17What Thou Hast Done2:11
18Riding Song1:46
19The Traveller's Blessing1:11