Ljubimo/Let Us Love (Amato SLP 1) 1970






Consider the Nun-Plus: five Sisters from Oregon (the “Nun” part), joined by two non-nun Catholic musician gals (the “Plus” part). Ljubimo (Croatian for “let us love”) is a well-produced album containing twelve of Sister Marianne Misetich’s songs. You can certainly tell they’re nuns once those harmonies click in – still there’s something unique in their song-writing and presentation that sets them apart from a lot of the Sister acts. Mostly folk-styled numbers here, some soft and swaying, others cherubic and upbeat. Arabian percussion adorns the sprightly ‘St. Ives’, while flute, marimba and harp take turns in ‘Walk About The Craters Of The Moon’, which opens and closes with electronic bleeps and blips. Electric guitar on a few tracks, chuggin’ away ‘60s beat style on the catchy ‘I’ll Be There’, complete with groovy solo riff and solid drum action. Would have been a worthy addition to the Avant Garde label alongside the Medical Mission Sisters. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Ljubimo (Let us love)4:01
1-2The Man In Matthew2:24
1-3Maura Jean2:06
1-4St. Ives2:37
1-5Good Old Family Get-Together2:03
1-6Listen To Your People2:54
2-1Walk About The Craters Of The Moon2:45
2-2Los Angeles4:10
2-3Dapple Gray2:38
2-4What Is The Meaning?2:53
2-5I'll Be There2:23
2-6To Lynne0:34