Locusts And Wild Honey (XPL 1020) 1971
Wherever You Go (XPL 1035) 1972
Listen (XPL 1050) 1973
Calm Is The Night (XPL 1065) 1974
Winter’s Coming Home (XPL 1080) 1975
Spirit Alive (XPL 1095) 1977
Go Up To The Mountain (XPL 2010) 1978
That There May Be Bread (XPL 2025) 1979

Long before monks hit the big leagues with that Chant series there existed the Monks Of Weston Priory. Now monks usually for me conjure up images of brooding a cappella Gregorian chants – a noble form but definitely outside the scope of this book. This group of originally a dozen or so Benedictine monks led by composer and lead vocalist Gregory Norbet opted instead for a rich uplifting meditative folk style which together with the worshipful lyrics is refreshingly unique and incredibly soothing. Combine that with their woodland Vermont setting at the edge of Green Mountain National Forest and by golly I’m just about ready to send in my application. Early recordings like Locusts And Wild Honey include a fair share of minor-key liturgical songs typical of the old Catholic folk style – not bad, but Norbet’s signature moving melodies seem more fully realized by the time of Listen. Often it’s the classical arrangements that send these things over the top, the best example being That There May Be Bread which beautifully weaves in violin, viola, cello, flute, oboe, recorder and baroque trumpet around the acoustic guitar – get away from it all and begin your journey here No lie, these things put me away! (Ken Scott – The Archivist).

Locusts And Wild Honey (XPL 1020) 1971




Monks Of - Locusts (Bck)



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Song #Song TitleTime
01Locusts And Wild Honey 3:03
02The Goodness Of God1:56
03Song Of Hope 2:13
04We Thank You, Father 2:53
05A Child Is Born 4:044:04
06Joy That Knows No End 1:42
07Come To Me 4:33
08Love Is Here 2:32
09Beatitudes 3:25
10The Prophet’s Cry 1:30
11Come Now, My Love 1:50
12Peace 3:36



You may find this at the Weston Priory web site.

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