Winter’s Coming Home (XPL 1080) 1975



See review under Locusts And Wild Honey.  diakonreo


Song #Song TitleTime
01Winter's Coming Home 2:51
02Shepherds and Kings 3:35
03Just As Lovely 2:40
04Song of Creation 3:34
05Wind, Where Are You Goin' 2:08
06Song Of Thanksgiving 3:40
07As The Night Begins 1:41
Evening Song of Christmas
08God Will Be With Me 2:12
09Psalm 96 2:03
10Advent/Christmas Antiphon I
with Psalm 24
11Morning Softly Awakens 2:51
12Gospel Reading and
A Light Has Shone
13Litany and Prayer 1:35
14A Child is Born 3:16



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