Liv, Liv, Liv (ECR ECLP 123)  1972  Sweden *






This is one that I thought I’d try to see if it was any good. When I played it the first time I thought maybe I should see what some of my readers think about this one. I know I’ve got some swedish readers so this ones for you folks in particular. I hope someone else enjoys this one. I did. Does anyone know what she is doing today?   diakoneo








Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Skön Sång4:10
1-2Jag Vänder Om2:36
1-3Nu Är Det Tid2:51
1-4Nobody Knows4:12
1-5Det Finns Ett Namn4:18
2-1Liv Liv Liv2:55
2-2Just A Closer Walk3:04
2-3Vilken Vän3:44
2-4Jesus Kär4:03
2-5Ett Uppdrag3:00



Is available from Margot’s web site. It is only in Swedish so you might want to have Google language translator ready to do some translating.