Father We Sing Your Praise 1978



Sorry No Picture With This One



This one is not in the Archivist.  It was just discovered by the Admin that Joe passed away earlier this year on 28 January 2014 in Corozal, Belize. He was born in Martin’s Ferry, OH  on 19 January 1953. Rest in Peace Brother.  If you Google Joes name you will find several obits.   diakoneo






Song #Song TitleTime
01Father We Sing Your Praises4:09
02Penitential Rite1:20
04Lord Send Out Your Spirit2:48
06General Intercession3:54
07Holy, Holy1:45
08Christ Has Died0:37
09Dying You Destroyed Our Death0:37
10Doxology & Great Amen1:12
11You Shall Love The Lord Your God4:20
12When We Eat This Bread1:03
13Lord By Your Cross0:45
14Lord’s Prayer2:09
15Lamb Of God1:52
16Alleluia Praise The Lord On High2:56
17Lord Jesus Christ1:38