End Of My Day (Cedar 1) 1978 UK *







Soft UK folk/praise outfit seems caught between the gentle appeal of simple British ‘70s folk sounds and ‘80s moves toward light praise/MOR. I’ll get the negatives out first: the use of unison singing for seven vocalists is kind of a detraction. I’ve seen this approach work before (as in the excellent early Cloud lps) but here it makes the vocals sound a bit lack-luster. The group is much better when one member is permitted to sing lead. The string synthesizer also sounds lifeless and is unnecessary. The band’s strengths win out in the end, however: the acoustic guitars are consistently in the front of the mix (I liked the spoken poetry over classical guitar that closes out side 1). There are some nice flute effects, too. A couple times they toss in sax for a soft jazz feel. It’s a lesser work than Wine Of Lebanon and Valley Of Achor (earlier incarnations of the same band) but is still nice to sit back and listen to. As with their previous lps, the fantasy/nature cover painting is outstanding. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
01Have You Read The Papers4:31
02His Kind Of Love3:27
03Love Has Taken Me3:31
04There Are Moments2:59
05You Are The Christ4:53
06Misty Morning1:40
07The End Of My Day4:29
08Vision Of Your Kingdom3:12
09I’m The Person4:38
10Father’s In His Sanctuary5:53
11His Glory1:55