It’s Jesus (Superior S-10082) 1974?






3-male 2-female outfit from Niagara Falls, New York who manage some pleasant electric country folk-rock sounds on their primitive home-made record. They sometimes straddle the line with country and contemporary gospel, but overall they present enough “Jesus music” folk-rock attitude to grab my interest. ‘Looking Back’ and ‘The Way We Feel’, for example, both cruise along with some decent electric guitar vibes. They also get rocking pretty good on Larry Norman’s ‘Sweet Song Of Salvation’. The album’s stand-out, however, is the title track, a slower stately rural rock gem. Steel guitar brings country edges throughout, including their cover of ‘For Those Tears I Died’. Piano in there regularly as well. Imperfect yet sincere vocal harmonies adding to the amateur vibe. The group also recorded an earlier more gospel-oriented album called To Jesus With Love. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Looking Back
1-2For Those Tears I Died
1-3His Life
1-4The Way We Feel
2-1God Gave The Song
2-2Sweet Song Of Salvation
2-3It’s Jesus
2-4Here Comes The Bride
2-5Ten Thousand Years