Salt (Signatur SILP 6941) 1977  Sweden *






Eight-guy jazz-rock outfit from Sweden tearing things up with a dynamic funky style. All that horn action (trumpets, trombone, saxophone) coupled with the electric guitars and heavy percussion leaves impressions of a Swedish Chicago, while the progressive angle brings to mind fellow countrymen Function. Some of these songs really get going. Disco wah-wah guitar, surging Hammond and funky clavinet firmly place their sound in the ‘70s. Eleven selections in all, three of which are in English (‘Nobody Knows Me Like The Lord’, ‘I Feel The Spirit’ and ‘A Cross Even For You’), the rest being in Swedish. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).




Thanks Leif for the Cover scans.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Nobody Knows Me Like The Lord3:11
1-3Du Äger En Kratt3:28
1-4Pröva Själv3:57
1-6Men Ändå3:27
2-1I Feel The Spirit3:18
2-2Se, Men Också Höra3:32
2-4Vi Borde Leva Som Vi Lär4:09
2-5A Cross Even For You4:50