Who Shall Spread The Good News (VerMir ACA—6647/8) 1976






This New Commitment is the same Texas group that recorded that album with the cool butterfly cover, while Roger Smith is the main man behind The Living Spirit’s A Song In My Heart on the NALR label. On this album the artists together transcend their other projects to produce a lovely entry in the melodic Catholic folk category. Gentle male/female harmonies are gracefully carried along by acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, flute, bass, organ and French horn (I didn’t even notice the latter until around the fourth listen, it has such a soft soothing quality). Worshipful songs with a light air of melancholy, mostly written by Smith, sample titles being ‘Song Of Revelation’, ‘If You, O Lord’, ‘Lift Your Voice In Praise’, ‘The Lord Is My True Shepherd’ and ‘As The Rain’. Also an exceptionally moving female solo track (‘Jesus’) written and sung by Janie Gillespie.  (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).


You can find at http://www.vulcanhammer.org/rc/smith.php




Song #Song TitleTime
01Who Shall Spread the Good News? 3:25
02Song of Revelation 5:20
03If You, Oh Lord (Psalm 130)3:08
04Lift your Voice 2:51
05The Lord is My True Shepherd (Psalm 23) 3:31
06Did You Ever Wonder Why? 2:32
07Praised be the God and Father (Ephesians 1) 3:16
08Jesus 3:05
09Holy, Holy, Holy 1:18
10Anaphora/Acclamation 2:51
11Doxology/The Lord’s Prayer 3:55
12Lamb of God 1:28
13As the Rain 5:19