Meet Jesus Music (Echo ECR 002) 1974 UK *








If I were giving ratings in this guide then Britain’s Meet Jesus Music would get a solid five stars for their debut. This is clearly a talented bunch, especially Keith Routledge’s dazzling piano and Tony Taylor’s percussion displays. Their sound is definitely unique and hard to peg – I’d say a lightly progressive brand of folk-rock with some jazz leanings. Take the opener ‘Jehovah Shalom’, the strongest track in the set – an enchanting progressive rock masterpiece that begins with MJM’s delicate haunting male/female harmonies (one of their distinctive trademarks), segueing into hard rock guitar before bursting into jazzy piano and drum interplay ala Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Some lovely recorder graces the ethereal minor-key folk-rock of ‘Melchizedek’, as well as ‘Where Jesus Is’, a moody shimmering ten-minute track that includes a powerful extended drum solo. ‘The Truth, The Life, The Way’ and ‘The King Of Love’ are more in the style of soft lounge/jazz with gentle trombone leads (I know it sounds schlocky on paper but believe me, these songs are brimming with charm). Nifty slide guitar action and boogie-woogie piano can be found spicing up ‘Walk In The Spirit’, while ‘Do You Know Him’ makes for a classy entree of summery melodic pop. Every cut is strong and when they’re not dreamy and atmospheric then they’re upbeat and packed with joy. Absolutely captivating. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Jehovah Shalom6:17
1-2The Truth, The Life, The Way4:34
1-4The King Of Love3:07
1-5Walk In The Spirit3:27
2-1Where Jesus Is10:16
2-2Do You Know Him?3:20
2-3My Peace2:53
2-4He Will Return Again4:28