The Lively Ones (Word WST-8518-LP) 1970?








Three guys and a gal and some guitars crammed into a miniature hot-rod. Hmmm… Could be interesting thinks I as I fork over my $2. But upon dropping the needle from cut to cut my immediate reaction was “barf”, hence the disc was filed away in the maybe-when-I’m-in-a-better-mood section of the closet where it sat for several months. Fortunately it made its way back on to the turntable in time for a few more listens whereupon I found some points of interest. For instance, the opener ‘We’ve Got Something To Give You’ is a cool ‘60s folk/pop bouncy thing complete with go-go organ. Fairly forgettable covers of Larry Norman’s ‘Moses’ and ‘Nothing Really Changes’. For some unknown reason they chose to include brief versions of Norman’s ‘Walking Backwards Down The Stairs’ four times! A couple of MOR/muzak pieces with acoustic guitar up front, but mostly the mellow folk/pop thing. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).









This is a different band than the more well known surfer group.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1We've Something To Give You 1:53
1-2Why, Oh Why 3:09
1-3Nothing Really Changes 3:08
1-4Walking Backwards Down The Stairs1:17
1-5Our Hearts Need Love 3:15
1-6Before I Knew Him 3:00
1-7Love Is Something You Do 2:46
1-8Walking Backwards Down The Stairs 0:51
2-1Walking Backwards Down The Stairs 0:27
2-2Punching Holes In The Darkness 4:26
2-3Moses 4:19
2-4We Are One3:04
2-5Walking Backwards Down The Stairs0:51
2-7Follow That Star 3:15


Members: Dave, Dave, Dave, Gayle