Sings A New Song (American Artists  AAS-1279-LP) 1974?






Ever notice how most everything on this custom label looks like it’d be crummy? Except for Concrete Rubber Band of course. I didn’t hold out huge hopes for this folk trio, but they’re actually not too bad. Rick, Linda, and Ned have a simple pleasant acoustic style featuring a pair of strummed and picked guitars along with bass. Includes covers of ‘Good News’, ‘Sacrifice Lamb’, ‘Yet To Be Redeemed’ and ‘Glory’, plus a number of their own songs. From Charitas Fellowship in Evergreen, Colorado. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).









Song #Song TitleTime
1-1A New Song2:42
1-2Death In The City2:37
1-3Walkin' With Jesus3:19
1-4He's Enough3:14
1-5Good News4:02
1-6Sacrifice Lamb4:35
2-2Yet To Be Redeemed2:38
2-3Jesus My Lord6:36
2-4Sweet Jesus2:35
2-6Jesus In A Word4:05



Members: Rick Scheideman, Linda Gray, Ned O. Byrd