Come Let Us Worship (GIA M/S-114C) 1968?






From the front cover: “Come Let Us Worship”, contemporary folk mass songs, recorded on location at Roselle Catholic High School, Roselle, NJ, by Bro, Gregory R, Ballerino, F ,M,S and an assembly of high school students”, Yep, that just about sums it up, This is an early GIA release in the primal Catholic folk style, comparable to Ray Repp’s Allelu, Instruments include five acoustic guitars, two electric basses, one electric guitar and one tambourine, Roughly half the songs have bland teen ensemble backing vocals, The other half (the much better half) has just Brother Gregory on solo voice. Features twelve of Ballerino’s songs, grouped under the topics of Joyful Worship, Songs Of Joy And Peace and Songs For All Mankind. (Ken Scott – Archivist)




Gregory Balerino (Bck)





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come Let Us Worship1:46
1-2Accept O God2:00
1-3Love Has Gathered Us Together2:35
1-4Sing Praise To The Lord1:22
1-5With Christ We Love1:52
1-6Lord Accept All We Have2:35
1-7Christ's Body Brings Us Together5:14
2-1Jesus Christ Lord God1:29
2-2All Of Creation2:28
2-3Let Me Share The Joy Of My Life3:43
2-4The Love Of God4:41
2-5All Mankind2:25



You can get this from the GIA Records site.