Reign On Me (Coal Bin E-678) 1980



The addition of electric guitar gives Reign On Me a fuller sound and greater rock edge than From The Inside Out. Keyboards are still the main focus, i.e., Bill’s acoustic and electric piano. Strong Larry Norman impressions (both musically and vocally) throughout the album, most noticeable on the rocker ‘Remain In Me’. More artsy progressive influences, particularly on ‘Desire’, ‘Searchlight’ and ‘The Trumpet Song’. Honky-tonkin’ boogie-rock groove spicing up ‘Nazarene Town’. ‘Let Go’, ‘Stay Free’, ‘Bumper Stickers’ and the title cut are all first-rate ballads. Produced by Jerry Esno, who also contributes harmonica. Another one of Minnesota’s excellent private presses. Additional ‘80s albums by Bill include Time Of Seasons and Little Child. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).



Bill Greenwood - Reign On Me (1980) back




Song #Song TitleTime
1-3Let Go2:50
1-4Nazarene Town2:48
1-5The Trumpet Song3:50
2-2Stay Free4:19
2-3Bumper Stickers3:17
2-4Remain In Me3:20
2-5Reign On Me3:10