Bittersweet Songs / Grenkosladke Pesmi

(RTV Ljubljana ‎/ Glenmore  LD 0504 /

SLCW 1035) 1978 / 1979  Yugoslavia ‎/ UK *




Bittersweet Songs ups the professionalism a couple notches, smoothing out the rough edges of Days Go By for a clean soft-rock sound. A few light pop/jazz edges, plus periodic female backing vocals that sometimes add a touch of gospel. Some songs like ‘Running Time Down’, ‘Take These Hands’ and ‘Run Run’ have a nice acoustic guitar emphasis. Bryn Haworth donates electric slide guitar to the title track, as well as slide dobro guitar on the country-edged ‘Multimillion Show’. All originals written by John, save for a cover of Elton John’s ‘Salvation’. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).




Thank you Discogs for the Yugoslavian RTV Ljubljana ‎label, cover, sleeve photos as well as the Aleksander John – Bittersweet front cover and both track list.


Grenkosladke Pesmi Travcks:

Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Dnevi Kakor Je Ta
1-2Kar Sem Te Spoznal
1-4Grenkosladka Pesem
1-5Potrebno Je Še Več Ljubezni
2-1Izgubljen V Plesu
2-2Med Vrsticami
2-3Kakor Skrito Kolesje
2-4Črte Na Papirju
2-5Sveče Prižgane


Bittersweet Tracks:

Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Getting Closere2:33
1-2Since You've Come My Way3:20
1-3Bittersweet Songs3:13
1-5On A Morning Like This3:20
2-1Running Time Down3:04
2-2Multi-million Show2:08
2-3Take These Hands3:25
2-4Run Run2:43
2-5Keep Candles Burning3:52