Days Go By (Myrrh MYR 1010) 1974 UK *








Yugoslavian singer/songwriter and guitarist that hooked up with some British guys for this folky pop-rock and ballads workout, or Yugoslavian ccm. Nothing I get too terribly worked up about, still I’ve always enjoyed the title song (via the Jubilation! comp), especially since it contained one of the very first rocking electric guitar “riffs” I was exposed to in the ccm world (boy was I starved). You’d also do well to check out ‘Spare Our Families’ – it’s a sturdy rocker that stands up to Randy Matthews’ best. Two Paul Stookey songs (‘Hymn’, ‘Wedding Song’), all the rest written by John. His strong accent might take a little getting used to, plus there’s some string orchestration to contend with. Cliff Richard appears on backing vocals. Also released on the US Myrrh label (MSA 6534) with a different cover. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-1I've Got A Real Home3:00
1-2Living Machine2:25
1-3Days Go By3:15
2-1Me & The Tune Of This Song2:50
2-2Should I2:40
2-3Spare Our Families3:40
2-4Wedding Song (There Is Love)3:00