Freefall (Kingsway KMR 313) 1979 UK *













British singer/songwriter Steve Flashman fits right in there with the best UK male solo lps from earlier days on labels like Myrrh, Dovetail and Grapevine. He’s got a lot of talent helping him out, including Paul Field, Mark Williamson, Christ Eaton and Norman Barratt. Good growling rocker in ‘The Projectionist’, with formidable guitar licks from Barratt. ‘On The Run’ cooks pretty decently as well. Some bluesy boogie action on ‘Who Do I Love’. On the lighter side is the acoustic title ballad which bears some resemblance to Phil Keaggy. Front cover shows a parachutist free-falling with a guitar, while the back shows the crater he made in the grass when he hit the ground. Steve released a few more albums on into the ‘80s. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).



Thank you George for the cover photos.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Free Fall2:37
1-3You Are3:00
1-5The Projectionist3:52
2-1On the Run3:19
2-2What Will You Say3:56
2-3You're My Prisoner2:32
2-5Who Do I Love3:31