Rodney (Dorian DRN 505) 1975? UK *






British singer-songwriter guy doing folk, rock and light blues stuff. He plays guitar, bass, mandolin and autoharp. Includes some cheap organ and rather queer synthesizer backing. Cool wah-wah rhythm guitar on ‘Last Generation’, ‘A Brand New Song’ and ‘There Is A Place’. The 5-minute closer ‘Samaritan’ has a nice basement Neil Young feel with some garage-angled rudimentary electric guitar. Not a bad album, sort of like a more homemade-sounding Garth Hewitt, with even a few cheesy psych undercurrents. Back cover says he lives in Northern Ireland, though the label is out of Scotland. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Turn To Jesus4:28
1-3Forest Song3:04
1-4Last Generation3:12
1-5Take My Hand4:20
1-6A Brand New Song2:15
2-1Hill And A Tree2:56
2-2The One3:56
2-3The Greatest Gift3:40
2-4Wonder Where I'll Be3:10
2-5There Is A Place3:35