Smile For The Sun  (Dove  DOVE 45)  1977  UK *


Soft folk-rock sounds from 5-guy 2-girl Holland outfit, pretty lovely on the whole, especially when done in a hands-off mildly-progressive acoustic style. Most of Smile For The Sun follows this trend, sounding particularly cutting-edge on ‘I Heard The Voice Of Jesus’ where harmonies, guitar, piano, dulcimer and recorder magically intertwine. Some charming acoustic ballads, including ‘Who Is This Man?’ and ‘He Is The One’. Title track has a fuzzy electric guitar lead, making it one of the more rock-edged selections. Banjo and harmonica add folksy touches to a couple tracks. Other songs include Barry McGuire’s ‘Happy Road’ and Honeytree/Keaggy’s ‘Lovely Jesus’, plus Dutch versions of Graham Kendrick’s ‘In Your Way’ and Dan Burgess’ ‘Thank You Lord’.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).






Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Teach Me To Love4:41
1-2Who Is This Man?2:20
1-3He Is The One4:33
1-4Quand J'ai Vu Tes Mains3:49
1-5Em Teu Tempo3:51
1-6Happy Road2:40
2-1Smile For The Sun4:36
2-2Lovely Jesus3:02
2-3Gott Ist Tatsächilich Da!2:50
2-4I Heard The Voice of Jesus3.33
2-5Dank U Heer4:06




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