Livs Levande (Teamton TSLP 7001) 1970 Sweden *










The Swedish Larry Norman? Not really. Needs longer hair for one thing. But there’s a frequent rocker mentality at work here that surfaces on tracks like the revved up remakes of ‘Mrs. Robinson’ and ‘No Man Is An Island’ (not my favorite song either but here it’s performed in the spirit of Larry’s ‘Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music’). More often Olsson’s style is pop-rock, the aggressive commercial variety (as opposed to the lame Christian radio variety). Seven of the twelve tracks are in English. Good deal of original tunes as well. Has a lot more bite than his ‘80s lp The Journey. (Ken Scott – The Archivist).








Ingemar Ollson - Livs (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
01Mrs Robinson2:57
02Så’N Som Jag2:12
03Somebody’s Knocking2:43
04En Typisk Medmänniska2:59
05No Man Is An Island I1:30
06No Man Is An Island II2:28
07Om Jag Hade En Kikare2:19
08Samtal Med Gud2:42
09Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley2:24
12I’ve Got Joy3:58