Cryin’ Holy (The Master’s Collection MC-202) 1976? Canada *





Shepherd’s Flock skirts way too close to that contemporary gospel/MOR sound that I generally try to avoid. That means smooth buffed-over male harmonies, overbearing stings and horns, and song selection like ‘Spread A Little Love Around’, ‘Give Them All To Jesus’ and ‘Jesus, The Son Of God’. You might notice some modest electric guitar spicing up tracks like ‘Jesus Is The Answer’, ‘Work The Works’ and the title song, but you better be paying attention close or it’s liable to slip by unnoticed. Still a few okay songs that are similar to the mellow side of Deliverance. Includes a cover of Love Song’s ‘Two Hands’. From Willowdale, Ontario. Foldout cover. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Spread A Little Love Around2:22
1-2Two Hands4:28
1-3Jesus Is The Answer4:17
1-4What About Jesus3:12
1-5Cryin’ Holy4:20
2-1Soldiers Of The Cross2:51
2-2His Love Can Make You New3:01
2-3Work The Works3:52
2-4Give Them All To Jesus3:01
2-5Jesus, The Son Of God4:42


Members: Glen Beard, Dave Huggins, Darius Sinanon, Hudson Taylor, Paul Taylor, Lee Willingham