An Invitation To Mercy

Come, I bid thee, and walk with me a mile. Open your eyes and see, clear your nostrils and smell, unplug your ears and listen. What is it you see, tell me of what you smell and rejoice with me about what you hear. Have I not walked with you before, or talked to you, pointing out the way that you should go and not fall? You walk as though it were dark, but I have shown you the light. The way is difficult and the road is rough. It is not a paved highway over which we drive. There are stones and rocks and other obstacles to overcome. It is a long way, but the end is worthy of the journey.

Listen now to the sounds of silence or to the stillness of peace. There
is sound, of course, of wind swirling through the brush and over the
grass, the sounds of birds praising the Lord with the voices He gave them. Over there a chameleon scampers to find better cover. A bird takes flight to escape our unwelcome intrusion into its world. Can you, smell the freshness of the fields, the forest, the glen? Have you smelled that flower over there to know the fragrance of it? Oh, how the colors run together to form such beauty. Look at the water, see how it scurries along, rolling and tumbling, and over there how quietly it seems to sit.

Not all of what we see is so good and joyful. My heart weeps at the pathway of man. Behold the infamous can, candy wrapper scattered needlessly. How tragic the trail that man has left.

We have journeyed far, my friend. Are you weary? Be steadfast and maintain hope and a firm grip. There has been peace and serenity to the ground over which we have passed. Let us rejoice in the stillness of what the Lord has shown us, the slowness with which we’ve passed by here has revealed things we had not seen before. We had been in too big a hurry to get here or there.

We have not yet even begun to scratch “the surface of all that there is to behold nor a1l that God has done for us. How much greater are the things we have not seen nor even dared to dream cannot begin to compare to the glory God has planned for us to participate in. Oh, but to be the door keeper or to have a humble mud shack somewhere in the suburbs of Heaven, so to speak. It is enough, Lord.

–Randy Paisley
Shared Life, Our Heritage Church, Scottsdale, Az, August 23 & 24, 1975