In many ways our lives become a roll of film for a camera.
When the shutter is tripped, light enters and exposes the
film. Until the film is exposed it is blank and meaningless.
But after it has been exposed to the light it becomes vis-
ible, it takes on meaning and it becomes beautiful. If a
roll of film is developed without being exposed, it remains
black, but when it is exposed it reveals the reality that
we tried to hide in darkness. When God comes into our lives
He brings truth, or light, in and exposes a frame on the
film of our lives. The blank, empty, meaninglessness of our
lives (having been exposed to the truth) takes on new
meaning. There is nothing to hide. The frame is exposed.
During the developing of the film, the pictures we have
taken come to life and become visible to our eyes. What was
revealed to the film is subject to a process that changes
the film, and brings out the picture until what at first
appears an ugly mess becomes an array of beautiful, meaningful
colors. The same is true of the film of life. What may seem
like an ugly mess when God exposes it (or reveals something
in our lives), then subjects it to a process, develops the
ugliness into the beauty of a Christ-like life. Even in
black and white photography, we take a negative and, turn it
into a positive. That’s what God is doing in our lives…
turning negatives into positives.

Randy Paisley
Shared Life – Our Heritage Church Scottsdale, AZ April 17 & 18, 1976