We Believe In Music (E.A.R EAR-10224) 1972?


Harmony Sun, The - We Believe In Music


Large Catholic youth folk ensemble from Pittsburgh led by Angel Tucciarone, a singer/songwriter who went on to record a solo album for World Library (see entry). At 45 members the group tends to sound fairly generic as they plow through covers of ‘For What It’s Worth’, ‘Teach Your Children’, ‘Amazing Grace”, ‘Brother Love’s Travellin’ Salvation Show’, plus some original songs. The basement electric guitar, bass and drums bring some needed primitive rock edges, but of greater interest are the few songs where the larger group takes a break, Those would include a compelling female duo rendering of Godspell’s ‘By My Side’, a solo performance by Angel (‘Watch Me Stand’) and an original piano instrumental titled ‘Rain’. (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Thank you Laura for locating the track list.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1For What It's Worth
1-2By My Side
1-3Teach Your Children
1-4If We Only Have Love
1-5Amazing Grace
1-6O Lord
1-7Wake Up
1-9I Believe In Music
1-10Brother Love's Travelin' Salvation Show
1-11Watch Me Stand