Kristyl (PRP 4569) 1975


















Maybe not “Jesus music” per se, but some definite Christian influences on this scarce Kentucky private press monster, one that’s revered among collectors of the whole local basement psych phenomenon. Great lengthy dual guitar action with fuzz, wah-wah, tremolo jamming in psychy rural Southern-edged progressive context, balancing both heavy and soft melodic passages. Vocals are on the amateurish end, but nothing particularly grating. Spiritual angle most evident on tracks like ‘Deceptions Of The Mind’ (“pray to the messiah, pray to the living God, pray that he will forgive your sin, pray that he will save your soul”), along with ‘Like A Bird So Free’ and ‘Morning Glory’. Loud blues-rock moves on ‘Woman’ and ‘Bluebird Blues’. Only a couple hundred pressed, though some occasionally show up on lists in the $300 range. A more budget-friendly re-issue exists on the Hype label. Mysterious faded blue cover of snake encircling the earth. (Ken Scott – Archivist).










Song #Song TitleTime
1-3Like A Bird4:47
1-4The Valley Of The Light6:43
2-2Blue Bird Blues5:00
2-3Morning Glory7:12