True Stories (Myrrh MYR 1038) 1975? UK *


True Stories has more of a ccm feel than Let’s Join Together, especially since the added string orchestration softens up a lot of Kevin’s songs. If you want boogie rock-and-roll, there are two numbers here that qualify: ‘The Story Of Nicky Cruz (Run Baby Run)’ and ‘My Feet Are On The Rock And My Name Is On The Roll’ (that’s guitarist Barry Bynum of Liberation Suite dishing out the licks). ‘Space! Or Ditty’ asks why the Soviets and Americans shook hands in space “when you won’t shake hands on earth”. Other topics include ‘Mister Universe’, ‘Concrete Jungle’ and ‘Everyone’s Looking For A Star’. This album was also released in the US (Myrrh MSA-6573) . (Ken Scott – Archivist)



Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.  Thank you Ken for the front cover photo.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1True Stories1:20
1-2I Hear Jesus2:39
1-4The Question2:57
1-5The Story Of Nicky Cruz (Run Baby Run)3:29
1-6Space! Or Ditty1:22
2-1Mister Universe3:06
2-2I’ve Heard A Love Story3:04
2-3Concrete Jungle3:10
2-4First Love2:53
2-5My Feet Are On The Rock And My Name Is On The Roll2:58
2-6Everyone’s Looking For A Star – True Stories (Reprise)5:33