Star Wars Of Darkness And Light (Grapevine 119) 1978 UK *











Certainly one of the more intriguingly titled albums on this UK label, with some fairly commendable music to match. The opening title track utilizes a Star Wars analogy to describe spiritual warfare (note how the lead synthesizer melody is obviously derived from the film’s theme song). That song builds up some decent mid-rocking energy, as does the following track ‘Darkness And Light’. ‘Good Friday (All Over Again)’ slinks along with electric guitar and a hint of Elvis, while ‘Carousel’ toys around with waltz time. The rest of the album settles in folky pop, folk-rock, light rock, acoustic ballads and MOR. One gets the impression of an adult pop/contemporary kind of guy trying out more adventurous waters, but it’s still a respectable record overall, in the same general bag as guys like Aleksander John and Kevin Gould. The space-themed cover design is pretty cool. Produced by Sue McClellan and Pete Yates-Round of Parchment, with assistance from John Daniels (keyboards) and Mo Witham (acoustic and electric guitars). (Ken Scott – The Archivist).






Bill Davidson - Darkness (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Starwars Of Darkness And Light4:48
1-2Darkness And Light 2:462:46
1-3The Fig Tree 3:13
1-4Good Friday (All Over Again) 3:20
1-5Just Wanna Tell You 3:20
1-6Tribulation Praise 3:15
2-1If Jesus Came Today 2:55
2-2Carousel 3:35
2-3Sit Still Christian 2:23
2-4This Is God 3:23
2-5The Greatest Thing 2:59
2-6It Is Finished 4:15