Gospel Ship 2 (Destiny D-2012-S) 1975


Even better follow-up with five different bands. Of particular interest are the songs from Kemper Crabb’s pre-Arkangel folk-rock outfit Redemption: ‘Liberation Song’ and ‘Anti-Satan Boogie’. Likewise Hallelujah and Master/Peace both shine with that same guy/gal electric folk-rock that typified the times. Icthus Team does better than expected for being a 30-member ensemble. And Evan Williams of Harvest Flight (the ever-present man on this label) has a couple ballads heightened by his trademark psychy ambience. Excellent cover art of ship at sea depicted in blue and maroon with psychy lettering. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Evan Williams – Harvest Time4:26
1-2Hallelujah – He Cares Enough For Me4:10
1-3Icthus Team – Behold The King2:34
1-4Master/Peace – Power To Change3:02
1-5Redemption – Liberation Song3:06
2-1Evan Wiliams – Never Live Without You3:15
2-2Master/Peace – Open Arms4:10
2-3Icthus Team – Be Glad In The Lord3:06
2-4Redemption – Anti-Satan Boogie3:28
2-5Hallelujah – Light Of God3:40