Gospel Ship (Destiny D-7707-S) 1973


Decent studio comp of otherwise unavailable songs, five bands, two songs each. Phoenix Sonshine (found here covering LeFevre’s title song) and gospelly folk-singer Lilly (Crozier/Green) both have full-length lps on this label. The three men that call themselves Shiloh provide country-style folk-rock while the three ladies comprising Good Will Industry contribute a soft folk/pop gem as well as a rocker with a cutting electric lead. That leaves Chuck & Karen (Glenn) for more country folk-rocking, including the talk-sung ‘Hitch-Hiker Blues’. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Phoenix Sunshine – Gospel Ship
1-2Shiloh – Hole In My Britches
1-3Goodwill Industry – Better Day A Comin’
1-4Lilly – I Believe in the Father
1-5Chuck And Karen Glenn – Abundantly
2-1Chuck And Karen Glenn – Hitchhiker Blues
2-2Goodwill Industry – Real Peace
2-3Shiloh – Wear Your Burden
2-4Phoenix Sunshine – Reach Out
2-5Lilly – Beautiful For Jesus