The Morning After The Dawn (Cinema Sound CSCLP001) 1976






Tad’s custom solo has an appealing rural heartlands early Mylon rock vibe dominated by piano, organ and gospelly female background vocals. Lengthy songs, particularly ‘Zion/Good Shepherd’ at 8:00 and the title track at 9:20. The latter deals with end-times themes and is divided into three parts: ‘Tribulation’, ‘Multitudes In The Sky’ and ‘The Morning After The Dawn’. Frequently slow and somewhat moody, sometimes with light string-synth backing, but always vibrant and soulful in presentation. Tad plays acoustic guitars, dulcimer and harmonica. Picked up by Canada’s New Born label as one of their early releases (NB 7002). Sensational cover art. (Ken Scott – Archivist).







Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Zion / Good Shepherd
1-2Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
1-3Sing A Song Of Jesus
1-4Child Of The Living God
2-1Come Sunny May
2-2The Morning After The Dawn:
1. Tribulation
2. Multitudes In The Sky 3. The Morning
2-3Dance Of Sea / Pollywog’s Praise