Songs Of The Heart (Music Cellar no #) 1999






The guitarist from The John Carlson Band and Crimson, Rudy Bruggeman, recorded a solo project entitled Songs Of The Heart in 1990. Rudy was in the process of building a small studio and this project became the first of many to be recorded there. Rudy played all of the instruments and sang all of the vocals with the exception of the drum tracks which were sequenced on a drum machine. The guitar work is more complex than the previous albums with multiple layers of both electric and acoustic guitars are interwoven to create the music beds. There are some synthesizer parts, but the album remains a guitar based work.

The songs came from situations, people, and places. “If I Have To Sing” came from not having any vocal credits on either the John Carlson or Crimson album. “Auxvasse” was my answer to hearing the 1st Acoustic Alchemy CD, I loved it and wanted to do something of my own. “Dreams” is mostly a guitar song, several of the tracks that sound like a synthesizer were actually played on a Fender Strat. The lead was played on a Gibson Les Paul. It was an experiment to see what sounds could be found when hammering or plucking a guitar. “Time Stands Still” is the rocker. Rudy commented, “It was really fun to crank out that lead”.

As in previous works that featured Rudy on Guitar, the melodies are memorable and tastefully done. This is a collection of very listenable songs made more unique because of the solo aspect of the effort.

Liner Notes for “Songs Of The Heart”:

This is the first recording done at Music Cellar (1990). The equipment in the studio wasn’t much to brag about at the time, but it was a beginning. I wrote all of the songs, played all of the instruments, sang all of the vocals, and did all of the engineering. It was a great way to become familiar with everything without making anyone else suffer through the learning period.

The multi-tracking was done on a Fostex 1/4″ analog 8-track (M-80) and mixed to a Fostex 1/4″ half track (M-20). The board was a Tascam M320. The reverbs were Alesis Midiverb II’s. A Symetrix 525 compressor and a Yamaha SPX-90 made up the rest of the gear. The vocals and acoustic guitar parts were recorded with an Audio Technica ATM33R, the rest of the mics were SM-57s.

Much of the clean electric guitar was done with a Fender Strat plugged straight into the board. I used a Gibson Les Paul for a couple of the more edgy leads, and my favorite guitar, a Gibson ES-355, provided a variety of the different sounds. The acoustic guitar was a Guild D55. Keyboard parts were done on a Roland Juno 60 (no preset patches and no midi here). My biggest regret was having to use sequenced drums.

I remastered the original 2-track mixes in 1999 using a Mackie 3208 board. I added a little compression to the overall mix, some Aphex Aural Exciter, and copious amounts of EQ. Everything was recorded direct to disc, and then burned to CD.

Please enjoy the music. As always if anyone wants an actual CD, write to me at otherwise enjoy the downloads.





Song #Song TitleTime
01Hotline To My Heart
02You’re The Reason
03Why Lady
04Time Stands Still
07I Give My Love
08You’re The Woman
09If I Have To Sing