Make Up Your Mind (Manna MS2012) 1974














San Bernadino’s Psalm 150 has definitely got the funk. And yea verily it floweth freely and bounteously on the movin’ and groovin’ Make Up Your Mind. Better shine up those platform shoes cuz this thing is saturated with jazzy ‘70s vibes including lots of funky clavinet rippling through several tracks. Funky guitars, funky horns, funky organ, funky percussion, funky r&b-styled female bgvs (or are those guys singing falsetto?) Even a classy pre-disco move on ‘Get Yourself Together’. Woulda bet money these guys were black, but the cover photo gives them away (though the liner says Andrae and Dannie Belle stopped by). Lengthy cuts (a couple over seven minutes) making for over 45 minutes of listening. (Ken Scott – Archivist).













A thank you to Leif for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1God Be Magnified3:36
1-2Live In Me3:57
1-4Your Life Is At Hand6:28
1-5Get Yourself Together5:42
2-1Change It4:07
2-2My Father's Business3:50
2-3Wonderful World7:34
2-4Make Up Your Mind7:26