Vol 3 – Volume III (Benson Sound LPS-287) 1971?










Volume III more or less maintains the status quo with covers of ‘Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show’, ‘Heaven Help Us All’, Stephen Stills’ ‘We Are Not Helpless’, The 5th Dimension’s ‘Light Sings’, etc. Includes an interesting moody version of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ to the tune of ‘Scarborough Fair’. Wish we could have heard more originals like ‘Message’ (which has some attractive female vocals) and ‘A Greater Love’. Banjo and harmonica join in on a couple songs. Whose idea was it to give the guys red pants? (Ken Scott – Archivist).





New Hermeneutics - III (Bck)






Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Light Sings2:55
1-2Heaven Help Us All3:50
1-3The Lord's Prayer3:17
1-5Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show4:25
2-1The Marvelous Toy3:03
2-2Lord I Want To Be A Christian3:16
2-3We Are Not Helpless3:54
2-4A Greater Love5:42
2-5Heed The Call3:46




Members: Mike Commee, Kathy Milligan, Curtis Campbell, Anna Beth Swain, Scott Wilkinson

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