Remember Me (World Library WLP 7870) 1979






Nuns. Not top of my list when I’m thinking of cutting-edge music. I’d passed up these albums many times figuring they were choral, but after finding so many excellent groups on Avant Garde I finally plunked down my ten cents to see if any of the same magic was at work here. That album was Seasons and man was I floored. Not only was it one of the most stunningly beautiful folk lps I had ever heard, but it often had a beat, electric guitar, and (shudder) even some phasing! Sister Miriam Therese Winter is the songwriter and you might recognize a few of her songs like ‘It’s A Long Road To Freedom’, ‘Joy Is Like The Rain’ and ‘Wedding Banquet’ (“I cannot come to the banquet, don’t trouble me now, I have married a wife, I have bought me a cow”). The first two lps are pure folk with classical guitar and tablas accompanying their sprightly harmonies (which I’ve since come to christen “the nun sound”). With Knock Knock the Sisters added a contemporary rhythm section and “went electric” – in a friendly adult way. Next came Seasons with haunting ballads like ‘Let There Be Peace’ and ‘Ballad Of The Seasons’ and the big beat classic ‘Help My Unbelief’. In Love even kicks off with some innocuous fuzz guitar. Gold, Incense And Myrrh is an album of original contemporary Christmas carols, a blending of folk with classical arrangements that include orchestra and a small choir. It comes in a plain shiny embossed gold gate-fold sleeve encircled by a red-on-gold band bearing the album title. After a length hiatus Sister Miriam Therese re-surfaced with two excellent albums in a beautiful reflective pure acoustic style, balancing shimmering vocals with delicate guitar work. Sandstone is especially pretty (I love the wind effects on ‘Jerusalem’) and sits right behind Seasons among their best work. All these albums should have broad appeal for young and old. See also Praise The Lord In Many Voices Part I. (Ken Scott – Archivist).




Medical Mission - Remember (Bck)




Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
01Rejoice Now!1:55
02This Is The Night3:23
03Peace-Making Man1:20
04Heavenly Father1:51
05All The Days2:41
08What Do You Ask Of Me?1:32
09Song Of Praise1:26
10Glory Be!1:08
11Song Of Peace2:05
12Fill My Emptiness2:59
13Seek Me2:38



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