Take It For Gift (Fontaine House 35497/8) 1975













Many of the same participants as Welcome In, with a similar sound. ‘Here Is My Life’, ‘Die With Us’, ‘A Gentle Love Song’, six more. Upbeat banjo mood for ‘Alleluia I Have Come’. Some extended flowery flute work coupled with piano, acoustic guitar and strings on the seven-minute ‘Song Of The Wounded’. (Ken Scott – Archivist).







Joe Wise - Take It (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Here Is My Life4:30
1-2Die With Us7:73
1-3A Gentle Love Song6:52
1-4Be Consoled, I Am Near4:37
2-1Song For The Wounded6:52
2-2Blessed Are Those2:14
2-4Alleluia … I Have Come2:19
2-5A Song Of Blessing4:27



Other musicians: Guitar: John Pell, Mike Diebold, Dan Creed; Banjo: Randy Scruggs

Link to: Joe Wise recordings.