Songs For The Journey (Fontaine House 36400) 1979












Fourteen tracks, some of them being of the short liturgical variety. Nice use of autoharp and dulcimer on the opening ‘My Shepherd Is The Lord’. Attractive flute presence on a number of tracks. ‘Ave Maria – Hail Mary’ incorporates the classical Schubert melody, while ‘Jesus Was Asleep’ provides a childlike Caribbean diversion. Wise continued to record on into the ‘80s. He also has some children’s albums to his credit. (Ken Scott – Archivist).







Joe Wise - Songs (Bck)







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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1The Lord Is My Shepherd3:15
1-2Lay Down In Sorrow2:52
1-3Bread For The Hungry3:41
1-4I Believe, Lord3:25
1-5Jesus Was Asleep3:15
1-6Lord, You Know Us2:09
1-7Ave Maria – Hail Mary3:40
2-1It’s Me2:58
2-2Our Father2:30
2-3Concelebration: Holy, Holy/On The Night Before He Died/Memorial Acclamation/ Amen, Holy Lord5:35
2-4Lamb Of God – Litany2:34
2-6Dying You Destroyed Our Death3:34
2-7Psalm 1501:52




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