About Time  (SECC  1205)  1973  UK *




Most of the songs on About Time follow the acoustic guitar format, with occasional appearances of piano, organ, drums, and yes, even some electric guitar on ‘Wasn’t That A Time’. A number of charming gentler tracks on this one, including ‘Things Could Be Different’ and the solemn minor-key ‘How Many Times’. ‘Stop In That Moment Of Time’ from the Alive! lp (co-written by Judy MacKenzie) is given a new jangly interpretation. A group of children sing along on a couple songs (‘Make It Known’, ‘The Money Song’). Some fine acoustic guitar work decorating ‘All You Need’. Simple strum-along fare this ain’t, so even if you tend to shy away from most acoustic recordings you’d do well to give these gents a listen. (Ken Scott – Archivist).



Glorylanders - About (Bck)


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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Everyone Who Wants To Come3:05
1-2Stop In That Moment Of Time2:25
1-3All You Need2:28
1-4Make It Known2:53
1-5The Money Song2:49
2-1When I Survey The Wonderous Cross3:13
2-2Things Could Be Different3:10
2-3How Many Times2:47
2-4Who Would Have Guessed2:21
2-5Wasn’t That A Time2:42
2-6Where I Belong4:22