Yahweh In The Morning (EM 002) 1979






Formed from Steubenville, Ohio’s Community Of God’s Love, a charismatic Catholic “prayer group”, Emmanuel does an excellent job at the folk/praise style that became the substance of the folk worship service. With eleven members they sound less choral than similar outfits (such as The Word Of God), using tambourine and woodblock for percussion, accompanied by guitar, bass, flute, plus some dulcimer and mandolin harp. Yahweh In The Morning added piano and vocal polish for more of an ensemble sound very similar to Servants Of The Light. Whether they’re performing quiet somber acoustic ballads or up-tempo clap-along numbers, Emmanuel has a simple and worshipful appeal. (Ken Scott – Archivist).


It appears that Kill Devil Hills, NC and The New Hermeneutics were not the only place or group to make use of a Circus Tent. Seems to me Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA also made use of one come to think of it.  Anyone else know of one?   diakoneo




Emmanuel - Yahweh (Bck)






Song #Song TitleTime
01Our God is Our King2:23
02Come Praise the Lord2:53
03Great is the Glory of the Lord3:07
04He Lives2:55
06Yahweh in the Morning3:28
07Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ2:45
08Jesus, You are the Way3:51
09Clap Your Hands2:39
10Only You Are God2:14
11You Will Find Your Life in Mine3:22




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